Brotherhood Leavening Issues

Every spiritual renewal in the body of enlightened believers results in yet another progressively widening apostasy, from the time when we were escorted out of the Garden of Eden. This is consistent with the principle of decay that is a natural partner within the framework of the curse of sin an death. Apostasy is not immediate. It is progressive and invisible to any who are not alert. It is accomplished in baby steps, not massive leaps. These commentaries address issues where the leavening effect is progressing unchecked in this last generation of the enlightened before enlightenment is no longer optional.

Two Righteousness Categories PDF Text: Two Righteousness Aspects

The presumption of an Imputed righteousness based on faith will not save us without personally generating validations of divine righteousness… also called fruitfulness, deeds, works. If our righteousness does not exceed the degree of righteousness demonstrated by the scribes and pharisees then we will in no wise inherit the Kingdom. What does this mean and how is this subject a leavening issue in our Brotherhood?             [13 pages]

? Unity or Harmony ?  PDF Text [6 pages]: Unity or Harmony?

The frustration of continuing to endure multiple Christadelphian fellowships has resulted in desperate pursuits for a unity that tolerates lower and wider standards of inclusion. Is this goal and procedure compliant with divine principles? Should we pursue unity among men at the expense of harmony with God? Are unity and harmony the same thing or completely different? This article was submitted for publication to a Christadelphian magazine for publication but denied, due to opposing the editorial committee’s recommendations for procedures in pursuing brotherhood unity among separate fellowships. You can decide if this reasoning is flesh based or spirit based.


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