Recalibrating to the Ancient Landmarks is provided as a research resource, exclusively designed for the Christadelphian community. The 1st Principles commentaries can certainly be used to support preaching efforts, promoting the capacity to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks a reason for the hope that is in us.

Every time there is a renewal, a re-planting of the enlightened community, a progressive apostasy initiates immediately. This was true after the flood, after Israel escaped Egypt, after they entered the promised land, after they returned from the Babylonian captivity, after the initiation of the Ecclesial Age and most certainly after the recovery of the true gospel and the development of an enlightened community initiated by Bro John Thomas and refined by Bro Robert Roberts.  This unchallengeable pattern is an extension of the divine curse of decay resulting from the curse of sin and death that resulted from the contradictions to the Creator’s righteousness that corrupted a previously very good creative order in Eden.  The principle of decay is a feature of the curse. The Ecclesia, the community of the enlightened, cannot escape that pattern until it is arrested by the chaining of the satan, the devil, the serpent and the dragon in the bottomless pit at the beginning of the Sabbath Kingdom.

The audio, video and written commentaries offered within this website are intended to recalibrate the naturally and progressively descending standards of the enlightened community. The word of God is not a marshmallow or a pillow. It is a two edged sword. That sharp sword is the only way to circumcise our hearts. Without circumcised hearts we will begin to let hearts rule our minds…. reversing the divinely mandated progression. At this time just prior to the final judgment by our Messiah we should be primarily concentrating on the spiritual health of our community.

This will be a progressive project. Additions will include a wide range of commentaries on Kingdom Law (also identified as the Law of Moses); a series addressing Dreams, Visions and Parables of the Old Testament, a series addressing The Parables of Jesus Christ, a series about Immortalization,  various published articles and presentation on the unique subject of how the features of creation confirm the true gospel under the menu heading: Creation’s Gospel and menus addressing challenges within the enlightened community in this final generation of the Ecclessial Age, such as Brotherhood Leavening Issues and Challenging Issues.

We welcome communication, questions, challenges, objections and confirmations.