Challenging Issues

Resurrectional Accountability 1: Audio resurrectional Accountability Class 1

PDF Version:Resurrection Accountability 1

This presentation addresses the two resurrection categories that are often inappropriately identified as a single application, which generates mistaking the terms for the resurrection to immortality as if they apply to the resurrection to judgment. The resurrection accountability terms of enlightenment as well as the resurrection status of the enlightened rejector is addressed.

Resurrectional Accountability 2: Audio Resurrectional Accountability Class 2

PDF Version: Resurrectional Accountability 2

This presentation addresses the issues of the condemnation of sin, the introduction of death into a previously very good creative order as well as the nature of sin and atonement.

Sisters Head Coverings During Prayer  PDF Text Version: Sisters Head Coverings

What are the application terms for a divine approval in the execution of this required ritual? Paul declared emphatically there were no exceptions for this ritual, that it was absolutely mandated…. why? Are there head covering and uncovering patterns that underline the principles being projected throughout the progressive divinely appointed educational stages of enlightened community?

The Flesh of Christ and the Memorial Bread PDF Text Version The Flesh of Christ and The Memorial Bread Manuscript

This booklet addresses the Christadelphian community’s the historical objections to maintaining the original example of our Messiah in establishing the Ecclesial Age memorial service ritual with unleavened bread. Is it consequential if we corrupt the shadow ritual patterns the enlightened community has been tasked with observing?

Leavened or Unleavened Bread for Memorial Service  PDF Text Version     Leavened or Unleavened Bread?

Our community is not consistent in this issue, suggesting the issue is insignificant.  Is there no strong consistent pattern of confirmation for using either leavened or unleavened bread in the memorial service, representing the body of our Messiah where the power of sin was broken? Or is it just that we aren’t interested in contradicted our convenient presumptions? What does God have to say concerning this matter?

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