Immortalization 1  Foundational Understandings and Precedents

 Audio Version  Immortalization 1 

PDF Text Version: Immortalization 1

This 55 minute audio presentation or pdf script will initiate the ground rules for examining the vast scriptural theme of immortalization, being born of the spirit, atonement, salvation, inheriting the divine nature, etc.

Immortalization 2  

Audio Immortalization 2  The Four Progressive Educational Stages in the Divine Plan

PDF Text versionImmortalization 2

This audio presentation or pdf script will document the progressive four stage divine educational procedure where rituals and laws change but truths and principles remain constant.  This understanding is necessary to correctly interpret the intentional complexity of all divine communication.

Immortalization 3  The Endless Projections of Immortalization as a Covering 

Audio Version  Immortalization 3 The Immortalization Covering

PDF Text Version Immortalization 3

This audio or pdf script will present the abundant New Testament references demonstrating Immortalization as being a covering, therefore an atonement.

Immortalization 4 Why are There Shadow Projections of Atonement that are Blood Free?

Audio Version Immortalization 4 A Blood Free Immortalization Shadow

PDF Text Version Immortalization 4

On what basis do we find atonement shadows that are free of blood? The fine flour sin offering of the very poor Israelite and the half shekel census tax are only a couple examples of this extensive pattern. How does this pattern blend with all the blood based atonement shadow projections in scripture? This presentation will also address the dual nature of divine principles.

Immortalization 5 The Two Acceptations of Sin

Audio Version Immortalization 5

PDF Text Version Immortalization 5

There is obviously more than one application of the term sin in scripture. What are they? Does sin always assign guilt? If so then why are there 6 sin offerings where no transgressions against divine laws ever occurred?  Why are sin offerings required for righteous acts, such as giving birth? Misunderstanding the two separate but related sin categories in scripture will always lead to greater and greater error.

Immortalization 6  Our Community’s Original Understandings of Sin

Audio Version immortalization 6

PDF Text Version Immortalization 6

The original Christadelphian understanding of sin is abundantly clearly presented in Elpis Israel and defended by Bro Roberts. The presumed ambiguity that is projected by some in our community is based on very selective quotes with definitions that are scripturally inappropriate… as can be demonstrated conclusively.

Immortalization 7  The Light in the Shadows of Divine Expressions

Audio Version Immortalization 7

PDF Text Version Immortalization 7

This addresses the seamless parallels between the 3 salvation arks: Noah’s ark, the golden ark of the covenant and Jesus Christ. The 3 immortalization events in the divine plan (1. Christ, 2. The saints at the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom and 3. The rest of the world at the end of the Millennial Kingdom) are projected through an endless parade of divine shadow communications. Salvation = Immortalization.

Immortalization 8   Historical Confirmation

Audio Version: Immortalization 8

PDF Text Version: Immortalization 8 Text

First, there is an explanation of how the full first and great commandment (demonstrating the principle of God manifestation) projects the principle of salvation as being an enclosure. Then statements from well known Christadelphian writers over the course of 100 years are considered for their recalibrating value against the current and accelerating challenges to the historic understandings of the Christadelphian community concerning the principle and process of salvation (immortalization).


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