Old Testament Dreams Visions & Parables

These (eventually) ten volumes of Dreams Visions and Parables of the Old Testament were originally presented as the Adult Sunday School for what is now the Granite State New Hampshire Ecclesia, over the course of many years. After each volume is edited, from presentation to written form, it will be added here as a PDF file.

Volume 1: Visions Dreams Parables Vol 1     50 pages/ PDF File format:  Jacob’s Ladder; Joseph’s Heaven & Earth Dreams; The Butler & Baker Bread & Wine Dreams; Pharaoh’s Dreams; Jacob’s Vision Confirmation; The Parables of Baalim; The Midianites and the Barley Bread; The Bramble King; Solomon’s Dream;  Isaiah’s Visions: Chap 1, Chap 2… Chap 5: The Vineyard of My Wellbeloved

Volume 2:Visions Dreams Parables Volume 2   49 pages; PDF File format: Seraphim; Millennial Kingdom visions from Isaiah chapter 11, 24-27 and 30-31.

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