Visions of the Kingdom of God

These four slideshow presentations concern the fascinating details of the red heifer ritual and how the shadowed lessons blend so perfectly with all other divine truths and principles throughout the Bible and creation.

Class 1 The Red Heifer Ritual: Death Defeats Death Red Heifer Ritual Class No. 1

Class 2 The Red Heifer Ritual: Defilement By Touch  Red Heifer Ritual Class No. 2

Class 3 The Red Heifer Ritual Guilt-free sin offering: Red Heifer Ritual Class 3

Class 4 The Red Heifer Ritual: The 3rd and the 7th Days Red Heifer Ritual Class 4

These are adult Sunday School Classes presented at the Cranston Rhode Island Ecclesia beginning in March 2014.

Audio version class Visions of the Kingdom Age class 1

Class 2 Visions of the Kingdom Age

Class 3

Class 4 Kingdom Age Visions

Class 5 Kingdom Age Visions

Class 6  Visions of the Kingdom Age

Class 7 Class 7 Kingdom Age Visions

Class 8 Kingdom Age Visions

Class 9 Kingdom Visions

Class10 Kingdom Visions

Class 11  Kingdom Visions

Class 12 Visions of the Kingdom Age  The 2 Resurrections & Judgment Terms